SSIH 2020 Call for Application

South South Innovation Hub is a South South Regional Hub empowered by the Federal government of Nigeria through the N-Power project. Our aim is to help innovative individuals develop, incubate and fund their innovative ideas targeted at our identified challenge areas in the South South region which are Tourism, Education, Environment, ICT, Security, Oil and Gas. We offer free co-working space, free internet, free business trainings and seminars, business support services, free legal and accounting services.

NB: Our drive and focus is on technologically driven ideas.

Kindly give a brief detail of the solution/ idea that you/your company is working on, the stage you are in currently and what you think we can do to assist you to achieve your ultimate goal.


Marydel Innovation Hub

Marydel Innovation Hub is a South-South Regional Hub empowered by N-Power. The Hub believes in the power of great ideas and creates connections that puts individuals, firm, start-ups, incubators, accelerators together to transform innovative ideas into technologically feasible solutions.


This is an intensive programme to crowd source and support innovative ideas to develop effective and scalable solutions to key challenges identified for sustainable development and well-being of the South-South region.
The goal of the Makeathon is promote innovative  ideas and solutions targeted at any of our challenge areas as a driving force that will help in the sustainable development of the South-South region.

We are Committed to :

1. Rebuilding South-South for a Sustainable future

Do you have Smart Solutions to improve EDUCATIONAL Challenges ?

2. Impacting quality knowledge

Can you Improve ENVIRONMENTAL Challenges ?

3. Showcasing our heritage with pride

can you Take TOURISM to a new level ?