Environment – Oil Spillage, Agriculture and Health

The South-South region is embroiled and enmeshed in environmental crisis because of the hydra-headed level of pollution, degradation and dislocation that has become common place.The natural environment plays a very important role in the life of the people of South-South region. Properly harnessing the resources can continue to sustain the growing population, livelihoods and traditional activities of the communities in the region.

Focus will be on the solutions to the effects of  Oil Spillage on Agriculture and Health.
  • Innovative Technologies¬†that optimizes the use of natural resources and its ecosystems.
  • Innovative Technologies that will improve environmental challenges which will positively affect the healthcare of people in the region.
  • The conservation and sustainable use of globally significant biological diversity in the South-South region. The technological innovations for biodiversity monitoring that will help in better management of ecosystems.
  • Innovative technologies for agriculture and aquaculture that will help in human development, food security and improved standard of living in the region.
  • Innovative Technological innovations that promotes peace and socio-economic activities in the region through increased access to sustainable water supply. This will also help to improve sanitation and proper hygiene practice in rural communities and schools in the region through technologies that will improve the effectiveness in water supply management culture.
  • ¬†Innovative Technologies that harnesses mineral resources and related economic activities to achieve significant job creation, income generation, poverty alleviation and inclusive economic growth and development in the region.